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by Jason Levy

Posted on 14-01-2020 03:01 PM

Earwax removal by Microsuction Clinics Near Me In Norwich

A new earwax removal Clinic has recently opened in Norwich which offers a fast and efficient service to those in the Norwich and surrounding areas. Ear wax removal by Microsuction is now accepted as being the most effecient and risk free method of removing impacted or infected earwax from with the upper ear canal.

The procedure is carried out by a qualified and very experienced Audiologist or one of his team members who are also qualied and experienced in this technique.  Earwax removal by Microsuction is usually pain free, and takes only a few minutes following a thorough examination of the ear by the audiologist to determin exactly how he intends to proceed.

Jason Levy Audiologist  NorwichJASON LEVY AUDIOLOGIST.

"Each patient is Unique" Jason Levy" says "and as such we are duty bound to treat each person as an indivual case which need a proper appraisal before starting to use our specialist Microsuction earwax removal instruments".

"By doing this we ensure that each patient has the best possible outcome in restoring thier hearing".

Ear wax is a natural substance produced by glands in the ear canal

If your ears dont have enough earwax, they Are likely to feel itchy and uncomfortable. And if you dont have the right kind, you may be more likely to get ear infections. Researchers have found that the earwax of people with diabetes is less acidic than that of people without the disease, a difference that may help explain why some people with the problem of itchy or irratable ears are also prone to ear infections

Never stick anything in your ear, including cotton swabs

Ear wax acts as a helpful coating for the ear canal so removal of it is not always necessary. However, in cases of blockage or excessive buildup, it may be necessary to try to remove the impacted or excessive wax. Excessive wax buildup can be caused by putting small things in your ears like a hearing aid, hair pins, headphones, Q-tips, etc. By Putting these things in your ear  can in certain cases force  the wax further down the canal. 
The best way to clean your ears yourself is to wash the outside of the ear only with a flannel. For most people, leaving your ears alone is the best way to keep them clean.

The skin inside your ear canals is like a conveyor belt moving from the inside of your ear to the outside with the wax sweeping up the dust and debris and is a purely natual function. However by prodding and poking around inside your ears you are more likely to cause a problem than you are to solve it.

Clinical ear care, otherwise known as wax removal, can be very beneficial to people using hearing aids to increase the usefulness of their aids. We call wax removal clinical ear care as we are able to use a variety of techniques in one session. These techniques may not all be needed and we would try for microsuction ear wax removal first.

Micro suction (ear wax removal) excessive or impacted wax can be uncomfortable, diminish hearing and cause problems with hearing aid use. We are now providing appointments for quick and painless relief from blocked ears with our registered audiologist who is trained in micro suction ear wax removal. Micro suction is currently the preferred method for wax removal as it is safer and more comfortable than the traditional ‘ear irrigation’ technique. It is suitable for everyone including clients who have previously suffered from perforated ear drums or are unable to get water down their ears.

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